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Ana Konjuh: How to play a final set


Croatia’s Ana Konjuh on ‘How to play a final set’:

Concentrate on yourself. “You have to focus on yourself, and what you want to do with the ball. You have to play your game. Playing a final set is very different to playing a first set – by then you’ve warmed up, you’ve got the adrenaline, and you’re into the match. But you need to make sure that you don’t get too caught up in the moment, and that you don’t forget what you want to do with the ball.”

If it’s your opponent who has just levelled the match, by taking the second set of a best-of-three-set match, take encouragement from how you won the opening set. “If I’ve won the first set, and then my opponent levels the match by winning the second set, I’m going to be a bit down. So I need to get myself up. That’s a mental process. Physically, I like to get my legs moving at the start of the final set – that often helps me to get back to the level I had reached in the first set.”