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Bob Bryan on having a celebrity baby


Bob Bryan talks to The Tennis Space about his daughter Micaela, a baby tennis celebrity you can find on Twitter: @micaelabryan


Your daughter has become quite the twitter celebrity, has that surprised you?
Bob: (Laughs). Yeah, that’s why she’s continuing to keep tweeting, people are eating up, they’re loving it. They’re giving her a lot of love. People are asking about her more than they’re asking about me. Every time I hear the crowd ‘we love Micaela, where’s Micaela?’
What will you do when she does start talking?
Bob: That’s going to be weird. Right now she only can tweet. She just started walking this week, when she starts talking she’ll be tweeting more often?
Mike, you’re talking about having a kid, will she tweet too?
Bob: That would be funny!
Mike: I don’t think Lucille is too much into the social media for babies. I think we’ll keep our baby more under the radar. One famous baby in the family is probably enough.
Who’s her next conquest?
Bob: Ivan Lendl. He wouldn’t hold her. I said will you hold her I want to take a picture. He said I won’t hold her, you’ll have to be in the picture. We also tried Ferrer, he was holding her in the restaurant but my camera ran out of memory, I couldn’t get it, I couldn’t get the picture. I was like, sorry man.