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Five things about Rafa Nadal's new watch


Five things about Rafael Nadal’s new watch:

Nadal’s new watch, which has a Velcro strap, costs almost half a million pounds, with his Richard Mille timepiece valued at approximately 450,000 pounds. That’s even more expensive than the last model which the Swiss watchmakers had been paying him to wear. You will not be shocked to learn that these will not be mass production watches, with just 50 going on sale.

It’s to be hoped that Nadal won’t encounter the same problems with this watch as he did with the last one, which was stolen (and then recovered).

As Sports Illustrated noted, “the irony in Nadal having such a high-profile watch sponsorship is he’s notorious for his poor time management skills. Whether he’s making his opponents wait in the tunnel because he’s running late to his match, taking too much time between points or arriving to press conferences late, Nadal is not a man known for his punctuality”.

The watch, which weighs just 19 grams – a gram less than the last model, and so light that it will not interfere with Nadal’s game - is built to withstand 5000 Gs of force. Yet, as Forbes noted, some watch-lovers will find it extraordinary that someone would wear such a timepiece while playing professional sport: “We aren’t just talking about any ol’ timepiece, but a highly complex mechanical watch. In other words, ‘delicate’. The idea that a watch like that will be subjected to the shock of a professional sport could make a watch enthusiast cry. Part of the point of the Richard Mille Rafael Nadal watch is to prove that the piece can survive the torture”.

Pictures in Brazil last week appeared to show Nadal tossing the watch into the crowd. In fact, he was just throwing his fans some sweaty wristbands.

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