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Greg Rusedski: How to hit an ace

Exclusive tips from Greg Rusedski, Kyle Edmund’s new coach, on ’How to hit an ace’.
Imagine that there’s a ten pence piece in the service box. “Pick your point where you want to hit it. Think that there’s a ten pence piece on the court – that’s your target. When I was on the practice court, I always had cones and targets. So on each side, you had the serve out wide, the serve towards the body and the serve down the ‘T’. If you hit one to the body, that sometimes allows you to hit an ace on the next serve. If you hit your points, you’re going to get your aces.”
Have a consistent ball toss. “So your opponent can’t read whether you’re going to hit the ball wide, to the body or to the ‘T’, for a slice or a kick serve. That makes it easier.”
Look at the positioning of your opponent and where they like to lean to. “Take Andre Agassi – he always liked to lean to making his first step towards his backhand side. Novak Djokovic is the same. So, with those two, going out to the forehand side was always a good option if you were looking for the ace.”
Mix it up. “If you hit a variety of serves you will get more aces. As when you go for the big one, they won’t necessarily be ready for it. Sometimes go big on your second serve as you can get an ace on that too.”
But don’t expect to hit an ace. “If you’re going to serve and volley, go to net expecting to have to play a volley. If you’re expecting to serve an ace, the ball will come back and then you’re in trouble.”

  • Monco

    Awesome tips. Thanks ! Though whenever I serve I make sure that I don’t expect an ace even if I am not approaching the net – Same reason if the ball comes back, I am probably taken by a surprise – Confession of a Club Level Tennis Player. :-P