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Rafael Nadal

"Nadal won't win another hard-court grand slam"


Interview with Henri Leconte. The Frenchman doubts whether Rafa Nadal will ever win another hard-court grand slam title, suggesting that the Spaniard is only playing next month’s Australian Open to test that he will be fit for the French Open.

Leconte on Nadal: “Nadal is playing the Australian Open just to be sure that he’s fit enough to win the French Open for the eighth time. That’s all he wants. I don’t think he will go there to win the grand slam, but just to test himself for the French Open. Wimbledon will also be a goal for him, as the surface is okay on his knee, but winning a hard-court grand slam again in his career, that will be tough. I doubt he will. It will take him a long time to get back to where he is. If the ball doesn’t come out of the racket as fast as it did before, it will be complicated for him. Players will be able to beat him. And you need some rhythm. And you need to play some matches.”

Leconte on Murray: “I hope that Murray will be more relaxed now, that his victory will give him more energy, and that he will be more positive. Andy has improved his game a lot. He’s a fantastic player. He can do almost anything. I think his goal will be Wimbledon. The  Australian Open is a great surface for his game, but he has to be fit physically, that’s the key.”

Leconte on Federer: “Federer is very smart and very organised. He’s not playing that much. He plays well when he has to play well. He knows that he can win another grand slam. Wimbledon is going to be the best surface for him. The US and Australian Opens are possible too, but you have to be more organised about your schedule. And that’s what he’s doing.”


Henri Leconte is playing at the Statoil Masters at London’s Royal Albert Hall.


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