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Oddballs and Oddities


Some weird and wacky ones in the week following the Australian Open…

Buy Arthur Ashe’s teeth
Yes, you read that right. The contents of the American tennis legend’s estate are up for auction, among them, ‘personal items, including his wisdom teeth.’

Serena cheers herself up
On two separate occasions: shopping in Melbourne and keeping up with the Kardashians.

Rackets might fly
Rafa Nadal may not be back on the match court yet, but his racket has been busy…flying.

Oh Bernie
In case you hadn’t heard, Bernard Tomic made the headlines for the wrong reasons again. He was caught speeding.

Confusing initials
The poor Australian Open trophy engraver got his BEL’s confused with his BLR’s. He put it right thought.

Welcome to Wimbledon
The All England Club invited two new members to join its ranks as Honorary Members – Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, and Andy Roddick.

Woo woo
It’s been likened to an arcade game, a woopee cushion and many other things. But it seems that Victoria Azarenka’s shriek, grunt, or woo, whatever you want to call it, is set to become even more famous. Her love interest Redfoo wants to put the Vika-shriek into a song.

Where’s Rafa?
About to be back on the court, it seems. He Facebooked that he’s on his way to Chile, short hair and all, and reportedly with a new racket in tow.