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Wimbledon - Roger Federer

Pat Cash: Roger Federer can win another slam

Former Wimbledon champion Pat Cash spoke to The Tennis Space on what Roger Federer has to do if he wants to win another grand slam. 
Cash on why Federer should play more tournaments: ”I think Federer can get right back up there, but he has to play more. His schedule has been reduced, and he can’t get away with it anymore. He needs to play more. The problem I guess is that, when you’re older, if you play more, you’ll get hurt more. I don’t see any reason why he can’t get back up there. He’s moving well. He has to go back and play more tournaments and more matches. He has to raise that level again, I think he can. There’s no reason why not. He’s 32, so he can do it. He would have to put a bigger effort in. It depends on what he wants to do.”
Cash on whether Federer can win another grand slam: “I think he could, but it would have to be Wimbledon.”
Cash on why Federer has to “look outside the box”: “He would hate being where he’s at, he would really hate it.  The problem with players towards the end of their careers – and I know this, I’ve been through it – is that you still think you can do it, but you can’t. You need a new input. You have to look outside the box. You need some new ideas, maybe a new method of training that you hadn’t thought about. At the end of your career, you’re pretty much set in your ways. After winning 17 grand slams, you pretty much know it all. You’re reluctant to change anything. But if he doesn’t change something he’s not going to win another grand slam. For him to get back to where he wants to be, he’s going to have to play with more intensity, and of course to look after his body. That’s crucial. He has to look outside the box to pick it up again.”