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The Tennis Space 2012 Alternative Awards - Part One


The Tennis Space 2012 “Alternative” Awards – Part One of Four: 

Shot of the year – Grigor Dimitrov’s behind the back shot. “Tweeners” – also known as hot-dogs or between the legs shots – have become so common recently in tennis that it’s almost a disappointment now when players do not manage to hit a winner from them. But though there were plenty of good ones in 2012, the shot of the year has to go to Grigor Dimitrov, the uber-talented Bulgarian, who produced a moment of magic against Viktor Troicki in Basle. Wrong-footed by a pass, Dimitrov stopped in his tracks, stuck his racket out behind his back, and played the most delicate and outrageous of half-volley drops. If you have not seen it yet, here’s your chance.

Tantrum of the year – Marcos Baghdatis, Australian Open. There were some good candidates – Novak Djokovic putting a hole in the bench during the final at Roland Garros and of course, David Nalbandian kicking a linesman (inadvertently) at Queen’s. But for sheer brutality, it has to be Marcos Baghdatis’s cool demolition of four rackets in a row during a match with Stanislas Wawrinka at the Australian Open. It took him seven slams of the first racket before Baghdatis was satisfied but the best bit about it was that for the next three, he didn’t even bother taking them out of their wrapper. Marat Safin would have been proud.

Tweeter of the year – PseudoFed (Not Roger Federer). There’s an awful lot of rubbish flying around the Twittersphere but among the dross is a real gem, in the form of PseudoFed, aka Not Roger Federer, a spoof account of the great man. Like most of the great man’s game, PseudoFed’s posts are perfectly judged, playing on his ability to say things that from anyone else would sound hideously arrogant. For whatever reason, Federer just about gets away with it but with a hashtag of #humble, PsuedoFed plays up this side of the Federer character, to hilarious effect. This is just one of many good moments: “Staff member just said: Andy has beaten you the last 2 times, what are you going to change up tonight? #yourefired.” The identity of the author remains unknown, which just adds to the fun.


  • Sascha

    Damn the tennisspace site seems to be in love with pseudofed. I have never gotten the humour of it honestly. Not that I don’t like a good spoof/parodie but it’s just not well done.

    • Denni

      Are you kidding me!?!? LOL PseudoFed is hilarious!!! Thank you Tennispace and PseudoFred for making my day once again! Roll on 2013! :)

      • Sascha

        I just don’t get the humour. Pseudo fed doesn’t talk anywhere close to how fed would speak or react to situations. For a parodie to be well done, you have to recognize the person that get parodied easily. If it wasn’t for the name in the twitter account I would more times then not have no idea it meant to be fed.

        • Denni

          I recognise Fed in there but like all great comedy, the person is exaggerated and with a twist, I love Fed more now!

  • Aileen

    PSEUDOFED IS A GENIUS! Anyone who can maintain the same high quality of humour all the time and never go beyond the bounds of what is acceptable just has to be. I hope we never find out who the author is. That would spoil it completely. Also I hope the real Roger Federer isn’t planning to hang up his racquet for a long time yet – we need and love PF too much. :)