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Top 10 Boris Becker quotes


The wisdom of Boris Becker: 

“You are not next to god if you win. And if you lose, you are not next to the devil.”

“If you start behaving like a beast during the match, I will turn into a bigger beast and I will destroy you.” Becker to John McEnroe. 

“Even my closest advisers, parents and friends were more in a state of shock than I was. I was about to live a life not many human beings have ever known. People get to know you in places you didn’t even know existed. In the smallest islands, without electricity, I found people knew who I was. I’m one of the most famous people on the earth, yes.” Becker on fame after winning Wimbledon at 17.

“When I looked at the eyes of my fans, I thought I was looking at monsters. When I saw this kind of blind, emotional devotion, I could understand what happened to us at Nuremberg.” 

“I honestly have no idea what makes me so sexy. I am neither an Adonis, nor is my weenie hyper-dimensional.”

“I could have sex with many women. The same thing happens to me that, unfortunately, frequently happens to women: I am being chased like game. But it’s like with many things: if you can have it all, you’re no longer tempted.” 

“They are trying to turn us into money whores. It’s obscene. They say ‘a million’. And then you say ‘No’. And then they offer – because they think everybody has his price – three million. And then you say ‘No’ again. It feels good to know that I don’t come cheap.”

“It became 24 hours a day. When I slept, I suspected a secret camera under the sheet. The more I worked to live up to my nationalistic obligations, the more harassed I became.” 

“When you are a young man, you are looking for your own identity, and winning is a way of expressing yourself. When I lost, I wanted to die. And because I thought in victory I became somebody, in defeat, it followed, I was nobody.”

“I didn’t start a war. Nobody died. I only lost a tennis match, nothing more.” Becker’s thoughts after losing in the second round of the 1987 Wimbledon Championships. 


  • RobC

    Awesome quotes. Still one of my favorite players of all time. I walked by Boris once 20 some years ago at an Indian Wells tennis tournament. He had a confident strut in his step and a trail of young women following after him. A very entertaining guy.