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Maggie May

Top 10 tennis players' dogs


Top 10 tennis players’ dogs: 

Andy Murray’s border terriers, Maggie May and Rusty. The dogs went on a rare international trip this year when they accompanied Murray to Paris for the French Open. Murray described taking Maggie May and Rusty for a walk down the Champs-Elysees as “a little bit emotional”. Maggie May wrote a column for The Tennis Space before this year’s Wimbledon.

Venus Williams’s Havanese, Harold. “You’re out there on your own and you need a friend who’s there for you – after wins or losses – and who really cares for you,” Venus has said. “I found that someone, and that’s Harold. Whether I win or lose, Harold doesn’t even know. He doesn’t even like tennis. He just waits for me to get off the court.”

Maria Sharapova’s Pomeranian, Dolce. “He is not a pushover and he is not afraid to tell you how he feels,” she has said. When Sharapova appeared in a commercial with her pet dog, it wasn’t Dolce, but an ‘actor’.

Victoria Azarenka’s Yorkshire terrier, Rolex. “He is very small so he travels on the plane in a travel bag,” Azarenka has said. “He is very cool.”

Sabine Lisicki’s Happy. When Happy accompanied the German to the US Open, he was given his own accreditation badge, including photo. “His name is Happy and he’s definitely a happy dog,” Lisicki has said.

Serena Williams’s Jack Russell called Jackie and a Maltese called Lorelei. She has sometimes had problems getting her dogs into locker rooms at tournaments. “I don’t understand why I get stopped,” she has said. “If I can take them on to a plane or into a restaurant, why can’t I take them into a locker room? I just love animals. I always think when I get older I’m going to live on a farm and have 50 dogs. I just love dogs.”

Martina Navratilova’s KD (for Killer Dog). According to the New York Times, when KD travelled the world with Navratilova, he used to sit on a pillow in the players’ lounge during matches. “You’re trying to bring some kind of normalcy to a very abnormal lifestyle – some kind of consistency and constancy,” Navratilova said of having a dog in her entourage.

Laura Robson’s labradors, Kiri and Ella. “I love being at Wimbledon and in the evening if I’ve had a pretty hectic day I get to go home to my dogs,” the teenager once said.

Novak Djokovic’s poodle, Pierre. Has his own Twitter account, which he has used to flirt with Murray’s dog, Maggie May. Part of the tennis jet set, it’s said that he has three pet passports. He also once appeared on the front cover of Vogue.

John Isner’s Magill. “Tell me he’s not the cutest thing in the world.”