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Rafa Nadal

Top 10 Toni Nadal quotes


Top 10 Toni Nadal quotes:

On Christophe Rochus, who expressed doubts about Rafa Nadal and doping: “Apart from being an imbecile, Rochus is just rude. He is a real imbecile because if you knew something, I think it would be right to say it. But knowing, as I think he must know, that Rafael has never taken anything in his life and never will, I find it incredible that an idiot like this can say what he said.”

On anti-doping controls: “Anti-doping controls should be public and transparent, but I’m against the way it’s carried out. I find it incredible and unpleasant that a professional player, just because he plays sport, can be treated like a criminal. Nevertheless, I am in favour of them imposing the strictest possible controls, because that’s good – but with different ethics.”

On his nephew’s character: “I am happy when Rafael plays good tennis, but I take more pleasure when people say Rafael is a very good person. For me, it’s so much more important to be a good person.”

On his coaching career: “I’m not an elite coach but rather a normal coach working with an elite sportsman. If I weren’t his uncle, he would have fired me by now.”

On his ambitions: “I always dreamt that someone I coached would make it big. That was my motivation and it kept me going when I went to coaching sessions.”

On those with big egos: “When you think you are the king of the world, you are really stupid in my opinion because in this life every person is important.”

On the crowds at Roland Garros, after they booed his nephew at the 2009 French Open: “There is only one set of supporters that is worse than the French and that’s the Parisians. They say it themselves and it’s true, the Parisian crowd is pretty stupid. I think the French don’t like it when a Spaniard wins. Wanting someone to lose is a slightly conceited way of amusing yourself. They show the stupidity of people who think themselves superior.”

On accusations that he illegally coaches his nephew during matches: “It’s not natural that you pay a coach and this coach travels to Australia and to New York to watch his player and he can’t say anything. I say not too much. Always I say things like ‘Come on’ or ‘Move your legs’. I am not saying tactics. I don’t know how to win a match.”

On his nephew’s withdrawal from the London Olympics, which meant he wouldn’t carry Spain’s flag into the Opening Ceremony: “Rafael has gone through bad times and serious injury, but I think this is the worst moment of all.”

On the blue clay in Madrid last season: “The fact that the ATP gave permission for this tournament is an outrage.”