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Why "Murresmo" needs to work long-term


Barring a late change of heart, on either side, it seems Andy Murray will soon confirm he has extended his agreement with coach Amelie Mauresmo. The partnership – dubbed “Murresmo” – was initially for the grass-court season but the photos of them working together in Miami would suggest things have been going well. Mauresmo initially said she had committed – if need be – to doing 25 weeks a year, and that sounds like what Murray wants. Here’s why it would be good if their partnership works well.

Murray needs stability to perform at his best
He’s not alone in that, of course, but the Scot generally plays his best when he is working hard, listening well and planning ahead. Being at the start of a new relationship should give him the impetus to have a strong second-half of the year, not least since he should now finally be fully fit, 10 months after back surgery.

If it works, other men might be tempted to hire a woman
This isn’t a call for positive action but simply a fact. If Murray wins a grand slam with Mauresmo on board – something that’s definitely possible – then other leading men might perhaps be more inclined to hire a woman in future. There are very few female coaches in either the men’s or women’s game, so the increased opportunity would only be a good thing. And if it breaks down a few boundaries, then so much the better.

Mauresmo may bring him something extra
Ivan Lendl did an amazing job, helping Murray to Olympic gold and his first two grand slam titles. But every new coach usually brings a boost of some sort and Mauresmo’s love for attacking tennis could give Murray that little something extra he needs. The sport moves on so fast that it feels almost as if Murray needs to add something more to his game again, so if Mauresmo can do that, whether it’s tactical or technical, then that would be great.