'US Open: Will Murray retreat to the bathroom again?'


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Off court


Wozniacki brings back memories of Superstars

Caroline Wozniacki’s decision to enter the New York marathon, while still playing top-level tennis, is a reminder of when the likes of Bjorn Borg and Martina Navratilova entered Superstars

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On court

Andy Murray US Open

Is it time to revisit the cramp rules?

Andy Murray’s all-over-body cramp at the US Open on Monday has reopened the debate in what to do about cramp during a match

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Top 10

Andy Murray US Open trophy Central Park

Top 10 moments at the US Open

A spectator is shot during a McEnroe match, and much more

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Curvstar Tennis Racket 2

Curvstar - the future of rackets?

A look at a new type of ergonomic racket, the Curvstar

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