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Pete Sampras: Roger Federer is a prankster


Pete Sampras spoke to The Tennis Space about Roger Federer being “a prankster”:

“He’s obviously very serious on the court. You walk into a press conference, and you still have your game face on. But once the cameras are off, Roger is very light-hearted. He loves practical jokes, and he loves laughing. He’s just a normal guy. When you’re playing and competing, you’ve got your game face on; it’s only when you hop in the car and head back to the hotel that you’re done with your day. I’ve always found him very easy to be around, and all-round good guy. We were travelling in Asia in 2007 on an exhibition tour and I thought to myself, ‘this guy is like he’s in high school’. I’m slightly embarrassed to be telling you this but he would come up and blow in your ear or scream in your ear. He did it to his trainer a few times, and I thought they looked like a couple of kids from high school. That’s sort of a silly story, but it tells you about his light-hearted attitude. He loves talking and laughing. He’s just a down-to-earth guy.

“I first became friends with Roger during that tour. I didn’t know Roger that well before then. On the first day, we were both shy, and we weren’t really sure how to act around each other, but once we got past that, it was great, and we realised that our personalities are similar. Roger is a bit of a prankster – that’s a side to people that people don’t tend to see. With modern technology, it’s easy to stay in touch with Roger. We email and text and call. It’s become a good friendship, and I’m sure we’ll stay in touch after Roger stops playing.”

  • Helen Mayston

    ,great story nice to know the other side of Roger

  • kiran

    What a Story Both the Players are Legendaries..
    I Love Roger
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  • G.A.

    “We realised our personalities are similar.”

    I didn’t realise you knew that word, Pete. He’s a legend, but he has the most non-existent public image ever lol. I wonder how much he actually is like Roger when he’s not around the cameras.

    • gamesmanshipnadal

      Roger Federer = The sportsmanship prize which ATP players choose, 9 times award. Record. Players know Roger well. Roger Federer and Pete Sampras are also friends.
      You know what his? Prejudice moron G.A.

  • Ethnic Food

    Wonderful post.