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PseudoFed: I will try cockney rhyming slang


PseudoFed previews the Barclays ATP World Tour Finals: 

Good day Mr. Bates, Have you guys been watching Downton Abbey? I use it as a training video for staff.

Thank you to My friends at The Tennis Space for asking My people to see if I had time to write a preview for the End of the World Tour Finals in London. This year it is being held in Britain. I decided to miss Paris to do the relaxings and recharging of the batteries ready for it whilst enjoying watching the other players getting all tired in Francais.

However, I am very upset. The first thing that happened was that Djokovic went out in his first match. Seriously guys!? When does he ever do that!? Considering he won the first 8 games of the match, if I was a betting GOAT, which I am not by the way, I would have bet my homes on him winning that one. After the loss, he then did the nodding and winkings to Andy of the Murrays who then lost his match and to rub pink Himalayan salt into my wounds, Murray handed the baton to Won Martin Del Potro who did the same.  As you can see, the conspiracies are arriving again.

At the End of The World Finals, they do the Rounded Robin. For those not familiar, this is when if you lose a match, you have another go until you win. This is very handy actually. I would like to see this introduced not just in the rounds, but also in the final here. And in other tournaments too. I tried to get this implemented in the Olympics final and more recently in Basel.

Sorry for the upsettings. Tennis would be a wonderful sport if it wasn’t for My opponents.

When in London I like to try My hand at the Cockney Rhyming Slangs. This is when you say one word not related to the word you want to say, make it rhyme with a dog and bone, yet end up saying a totally different word that did not rhyme to begin with. For example, the locals here call Me, “Me Old China”, even though I am not in China, nor am I Chinese. It’s a very technical language and one of the few we don’t speak in Switzerland.

I hope you enjoyed My preview, I look forward to have staff lift the trophy for Me in the final.

  • Denni

    SO FUNNY!!! Thank you yet again for a good laugh today :) I will forever call them The End of The World Finals!! LOL

  • Justin

    Pseudo Feds best blog since Wimbledon. I noted PF lost form since WImbledon so maybe this bodes well for RF’s chances at the EWTF. Pity the format of the rounded robin has not provided Nadal with enough go’s to win. Is he not playing this year because the surface is blue?

  • http://twitter.com/patmoren Patricia Moren