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Roger Federer with trophy

Sampras exclusive: Federer can win another major

Exclusive. Pete Sampras has told The Tennis Space that Roger Federer can win another grand slam, to extend his collection of major championships to 18. 
Sampras on Federer’s future: “I don’t know what’s in Roger’s head. I know that he still loves to play and to travel. I wouldn’t write him off. Roger is too great a player for people to be writing him off. He needs to find his confidence and to get back to his winning ways. That could take a set, or a tournament, to find his game. I don’t know what Roger’s goals are. I just know that he’s been a great champion and always will be. It’s just a matter of what he wants in his life, and for how much longer he wants to play.”
Sampras on whether Federer can win another slam: “I do believe he can. People wrote me off. But what the great players have is belief, and once Roger has that belief back, and starts playing well again, I think he can win another major. He will at least contend. Maybe he won’t be the big favourite that he was around 2005. I think that if he is playing well, and stays healthy, he is capable of winning another major.”