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Australian Open

Shvedova: I spent the off-season being a secretary


Yaroslava Shvedova, who won a ‘golden set’ at last year’s Wimbledon Championships, tells The Tennis Space how she prepared for the 2013 season.

Did you manage to take any time off during the close season? I didn’t get much time off because I was very busy getting all the visas I need to travel in 2013. I was like a secretary during the off season doing so much admin work. I stayed some days in Moscow with my family and played with my little niece Zoya. She was born in May and I haven’t seen her much so that was very nice. When I was in Kazakhstan I went to Borovoe with some friends for a few days. It’s quite far out of the city so it was nice and relaxing.

Why is pre-season training so important for a tennis player? It’s important because it’s the base for everything for the new year. When there are no tournaments I can work very hard with my coaches on fitness and strength exercises, and also work on making adjustments to my game in practice. It’s the best time to get stronger and fitter and better for the new season.

What types of training have you been doing off the court? Anything new compared with previous years? This year I had longer pre-season training. I did a lot of speed and power training which is something I needed to improve.

Are you working with the same coaching/fitness team next season or any changes? Yes, all the same. My coach is Emi Redondi and he travels with me full time. I have two fitness coaches, Miszchislav Boguslavski in Kazakhstan and Mariano Gaute in Buenos Aires, and Adriana Forti is my physio in Buenos Aires. They will travel to some tournaments with me this year too.

Is there anything you particularly look forward to about that time of year and the Australian Open? I love Australia and I’m always happy to come here. I love the atmosphere and people in here. It’s always exciting to finally start to play tournaments again after the holidays and preseason.