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Tipsarevic exclusive: This isn't an easy life


Janko Tipsarevic, who is playing at the Barclays ATP World Tour Finals, talks to The Tennis Space. This is the third and final part of our interview. 

You’ve only spend two weeks at home this year. How do you cope with that? “I said to myself at the beginning of the year that I was willing to do whatever it takes to qualify for London. I didn’t know until the very end whether I was going to be here or not. My goal for next year is to reduce the number of tournaments but to do better at the grand slams.”

Tricky to sleep in new surroundings as you go from city to city? “Sometimes I wake up, and for a few seconds I don’t know where I am and which city I’m in. On the one hand, it’s not an easy life as we live on the tour, we travel from one place to another, and entertaining people. Even though we, as performers, don’t see it as entertaining people, we see it as trying to beat the guy across the net. On the other hand, it’s a beautiful life to have, especially if you play good tennis. You’re travelling to the world’s best cities, you’re playing, if you’re good at it, to packed stadiums, and people are coming to watch you perform, and that’s a feeling which money can’t buy, that’s a great feeling to have. Sometimes it’s not easy, but I would choose this life over any other.”