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Ivan Lendl has said he wants to take some of the pressure off Andy Murray

Top 10 quotes about Ivan Lendl


Top 10 quotes about Ivan Lendl:

- “It was the worst loss of my life, a devastating defeat. Sometimes it still keeps me up at night. It’s even tough for me now to do the commentary at the French – I’ll often have one or two days when I literally feel sick to my stomach just at being there and thinking about that match. Thinking of what I threw away, and how different my life would’ve been if I’d won.” John McEnroe on losing the 1984 French Open final to Lendl.

- “A chicken.” Jimmy Connors.

- “The guy hasn’t been good for tennis. He’s been so selfish. And he’s certainly not the kind of guy who brings out the best in others. He’s hurt the popularity of the game so much. Do you like a robot being No 1?” John McEnroe.

- “I’ve got more talent in my pinkie than Lendl has in his whole body.” John McEnroe.

- “Most people still hate Lendl with a passion.” Pat Cash in his autobiography, published in 2002.

- “What a monster. I want nothing to do with him. All that money and he never has time to smile. He gives the game a bad image.” Yannick Noah.

- “Ivan doesn’t lose every often. But when he does, he’s a bad loser.” Yannich Noah.

- “Republicans are telling you more and more how to lead your life. They are just like the communists were. They’re always claiming we should get the government off our backs, but on certain social issues, they are the culprits on our backs.” Martina Navratilova.

- “Ivan Lendl is the only East European who ever believed he could be the No. 1 player in the world.” Wojtek Fibak, in 1983.

- “You know what the name Lendl means to me? Dedication, hard work, overcoming everybody although he maybe didn’t have the tennis talent of a lot of guys. I admire him immensely.” Pete Sampras.

  • Rob Cross

    Well Ivan certainly had a good work ethic. He seemed to get into super good shape before it was the norm for tennis pros. I’m not sure he was real nice to people in his twenties (many of us are guilty of that), but now days, his sense of humor and his coaching of Andy Murray seem to be really benefiting the game of tennis for the most part. I would like to see Ivan’s sense of humor displayed more often, I think he is funny. Humor is very entertaining and I wish the people who cover tennis would showcase it more often.

  • pk

    I don’t understand the relevance of the Navratilova quote. Am I missing something?