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Miami 2012 - Roger Federer

Top 10 Roger Federer quotes


Top 10 Roger Federer quotes:

“It’s great. Everybody suddenly rates my good strokes as outstanding, and my poorer strokes as almost outstanding.” Federer’s response when asked what it was like to be world No 1 in 2004.

“Thanks, but I’m not the father!” Federer clears things up with an interviewer who congratulated him on the news that Juliette, his cow awarded to him for winning Wimbledon, was expecting a calf.

“I can’t sleep at night; it’s so amazing.” Federer tells an interviewer how it feels to have your face on the side of the bus (he was being sarcastic).

“You know, there’s no secret about it. I’m definitely a very talented player.” When asked how he has consistently played to such a high level, Federer gives this straight-up answer.

 “Don’t tell me to be quiet, ok? When I wanna talk, I talk.” Umpire Jake Garner was the recipient of these sternly spoken words during the 2009 US Open final; a rare outburst from Federer.

“Hey guys, I’ve felt better… Maybe I’ll try later again – god, it’s killing me!” The Swiss finds it hard to hide his feelings when giving his runners-up speech, having lost to Rafael Nadal in the 2009 Australian Open Final.

“Just because I smashed a racket, it doesn’t mean I lost it.” Cool as ever, Federer says that even when smashing a racket, he keeps a clear head.

“I’m 31, don’t make me so young!” – Federer’s response when asked about his age in relation to Andy Roddick’s.

“I mean, it’s an old story, I still don’t like it.” Federer on Hawk-Eye.

“Oh, this is just one of his seven. I’m so far away. I’m just happy to be on the board with a lot of my idols.” Federer after winning his first Wimbledon title back in 2003.